Bodnar Supply Company MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET 12039 Pluton Street, Norwal@ CA 90650-1867 Phone 562-868-2344 Fax 562-868-1644 SECTION V - HEALTH HAZARD DATA Product Threshold Limit Value: OSHA TEV     ACGTH TLV   Carcinogen : None See Section 11 Known Symptoms of Exposure and Routes of Entry: Eyes: May cause irritation, burning, tearing and redness. Skin : May cause skin irritation and drying.            Inhalation: May cause lung irritation or drowsiness. Ingestion Causes severe gastritis ; toxic when ingested. FIRST AID Inhalation :  Move victim away from source and into fresh air.  If breathing difficulties persist, Seek immediate medical assistance.  Ingestion : Seek emergency medical assistance.  I 00 ml can be fatal ! If victim is extremely drowsy or unconscious, place on left side with head down.  Do not give anything by mouth, if victim is not alert.  If more than one swallow is ingested. induce vomiting.  Syrup of Ipecac can be used.  If this is not available, give three tablespoons of liquid dishwashing detergent in a glass of water or induce vomiting by gently placing two fingers in back of throat.  Do not leave victim unattended. Eyes :   Flush eyes profusely with water for at least 15 minutes. SECTION VI - REACTIVITY DATA Stability : Stable                 Conditions to avoid : Elevated Temps, ignition sources, oxidizing agents. Reactivity: None will occur. Hazardous Polymerization : Will not occur. Hazardous Decomposition products: Oxides of carbon on combustion. SECTION VII - ENVIORNMENTAL PROTECTION PROCEDURES Spill Response:    Small spill - Absorb into inert adsorbent.  Dispose of as flammable solid. Large spill - Remove all ignition sources.  Pump into suitable tank using flash proof   Pump for recycle or disposal.  Water can be used to flush away spills. Waste Disposal Method : Absorb onto inert absorbent such as diatomaceous earth or vermiculite and incinerate according to regulations. SECTION VIII - SPECIAL PROTECTION INFORMATION Eye Protection : Safety goggles.                     Skin Protection : PVC or rubber gloves. Respiratory Protection : (Specific Type) In confined area use NIOSH approved breathing apparatus. Ventilation Recommended : Forced draft. SECTION IX - SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS Hygienic Practices in Handling and Storage: Keep away from heat and ignition sources.  Store in cool, ventilated area.  Ground metal containers.  Other Precautions : Handle material in well-ventilated area.   May cause drowsiness or narcosis if vapor is breathed for long periods or in high concentration. Disposal of Empty Containers : Empty containers may contain explosive vapors.  Rinse containers with water or dilute detergent solution before disposal. NOTICE All information appearing herein is based upon data obtained from chemical manufacturers and or recognized technical sources.  While the information is believed to be accurate, Bodnar Supply Company makes no representations as to its accuracy or sufficiency.  Conditions of use are beyond Bodnar Supply Company's control and therefore users are responsible for and assume all risks of their use, handling and disposal of the product, or from the publication or use of, or reliance upon, information contained herein.   This information relates only to the product designated herein, and does not relate to its use in combination with any other matefial or in any other process. I 000 - pg. 2. Main Page